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Families Shine with Outdoor LED Strip Lighting Systems


Outdoor LED Strip Lighting Systems


Today’s LED strip lighting systems offer maximum flexibility and versatility for the discerning homeowner. These light systems are placed on rooflines, gables, and/or eaves in order to create a dramatic silhouette for your home, colourful and original. Professional installers place the nearly-invisible strips where they can provide beautiful light, yet remain unseen when not lit. LED systems are the perfect way to set your house apart, and to light up your family’s life!


Your home is unique. Inside, you celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and homecomings. You watch your teams play, and cheer them on. You mark holidays – Valentine’s Day, Canada Day, St. Patrick’s Day, New Year’s Eve. You get together with friends and family to share meals, drinks, and laughter. In short, you create memories that last a life time. Why not let the life inside your house be reflected on the outside? With a high-quality outdoor LED strip lighting system, the possibilities are nearly endless.


Once the lights are installed, you will find it very easy to program them. You have the choice of using a remote, or of using a state-of-the-art smartphone app. With the app, just touch the colour you want, or the series of colours. Then program in a pattern – make the lights blink, twinkle, chase, or alternate colours. Control the intensity of the light and the speed of the pattern.


Near-Infinite Options


You may choose to leave the lights off. No one will notice they’re there! Or, you might want to use classic white bulbs as an elegant outline. But rest assured, there are more ways to have fun with an LED strip lighting system than you can dream of! Is your old classmate coming to visit? Light up your house with your high school colours! Is it your parents’ 50th anniversary? Invite them for supper and turn the house golden. Did the Leafs make it into the NHL playoffs? Light up the house with blue and white, and make the lights chase every time they score a goal!


Display Kelly green on St. Paddy’s Day to celebrate everything Irish! Let neighbourhood kids know you have Hallowe’en treats by shining out your orange light. Show your patriotism by lighting up in red and white in honour of Canada Day. Create a rainbow to celebrate Pride. Go pink to support breast cancer research.


And, if you are used to hanging up and taking down Christmas lights, relax. No more untangling strings of lights, replacing burnt-out bulbs, and climbing dangerous extension ladders. You can create beautiful holiday effects with your LEDs, and Santa will be sure to find your house!


Durable and Economical


Better LED systems come with a five-year warranty, but they most often last more than twenty years before requiring maintenance (based on usage of six to eight hours per day.) Good LEDs truly are durable, weatherproof, and efficient. Although these systems are extra-low voltage, they provide vivid, brilliant lighting. They are energy-efficient, and cost-effective.


Contact a professional LED outdoor lighting company today and explore your options. Tell your family’s story with beautiful, glittering light.